The detox protocol for children can vary considerably; therefore, finding your child’s “sweet spot” can take some guessing and checking. The goal is to provide your child with an adequate space to detox comfortably without precipitating a Herxheimer reaction; however, please know this is not always avoidable and is usually short-lived. We recommend starting with 2 days on and 1 day off and session length as determined by age:

2-4: 15 minutes
5-8: 20 minutes
9-14: 25 minutes
15+: 30 minutes

If this program is too aggressive for your child, you may notice an uncomfortable increase in behaviors. You can cut down on session length and reduce frequency as needed. The lowest session length tends to be 10 minutes, and the lowest frequency, every third day or twice per week. See our "What results can we expect for our child" article for more details. 

If this program is too mild for your child, you may not notice any differences. Feel free to increase the time and/or frequency. Give the detox time to express itself. Go slow and add 5 minutes at a time, and add sessions on consecutive days as you wish. Maximum session lengths are 45 minutes per session up to 4 days in a row with a one day break. In rare circumstances some people have gone to 5 days in a row with a one or two day break.

Color change of the water will not necessarily be indicative of the amount of detox happening. Look for signs of behavior changes to help fine tune the program. It is also likely that your child’s detox requirements may need adjusting as he or she progresses.

Lastly, you know your child better than anyone else. If you know your child is the “slow and steady” type, we recommend following your instincts and taking your time. Changes will come, but it might take longer than others. Don’t be in a rush as this is a marathon, not a sprint.